Worldwide creative bloghop

Talented and lovely Yvonne from Mouseblossom asked me to join this worldwide bloghop, find her post here. Thank you Yvonne! :)

Answer 4 questions in your post (the ones I’ve answered in this post).
Nominate 3 creative bloggers to ‘hop’ to in the next two weeks after the blog is published.

1. What am I working on?

Last couple of days I am working on custom portraits for some lovely people. Lots of couples and also lots of cats! I love getting to know my customers and what can be better than to draw them? It's such a lovely relationship, I am so grateful and flattered that those lovely people trust me to picture them and their loved ones, share some parts of their life, tell about themselves, send lots of photos of their cats (how cool is that?!), I treasure this super special trust big time and enjoy drawing them even more! :)

2 How does my work differ from others of its genre?

It's such a hard question and I don't think I've ever thought of it really.

I would love to think that my particular style which I developed over the years and of course lots of good vibes which I try to put into everything I draw and make. :)

3 Why do I write/create what I do?

Oh this will sound very cliché but that's the only way I know! It's my big passion (quite possibly an addiction) and actually my full time job. So it's two in one, I love creating and I have to create to live. :) 

4 How does my writing/illustration/creative process work?

Sometimes it's a very quick doodle without thinking much and then developing it into something different or it can be a very long and personal process. Here is an example of the long and personal process.

Some of the brooches and postcards in my shop at the moment were created after I visited my home and family (this winter). It was inspired by long talks with my Mother while drinking numerous cups of tea. And I remember those talks with my Mum, sister, Grandmother and Great Grandmother as I was little, having one cup of tea after another and talking talking talking away into the night. It feels like it's more of a connection ritual, very special moment than the fact that all women in my family are really into tea drinking and talking (which they are of course too). So in the end I came up with lots of tea themed drawings, which probably represent how I felt at that moment. :) 


I would love to nominate three fabulous creative people:

Thank you so much for reading the blog! Feel free to join the hop if you fancy!