Japanese Stationery Stall


Some people will spend huge amounts of money on shoes, bags, technology but it doesn't float my boat. One thing which I have a soft spot for is STATIONERY!

Good pencil sharpener which will serve you a lifetime, unusual pens, ink, paper, notebooks (NOTEBOOOKS!!!!), paper, cards, rulers.. ohhh!!! 

I particularly love Japanese stationery. Washi tape is one of the best things ever!

The best place in London to touch, droll over and buy Japanese stationery is Ouka's stall at Broadway Market (in my opinion of course). 

 I've discovered her stall last year and been a regular customer ever since. Not only Ouka is the loveliest person and has the most amazing range of japanese stationery. 

She also knows her products inside out. Are you interested in those wood rulers? Would you care to know that the gentleman who makes them is 4th generation wood rulers maker and that he only makes rulers? Do you want to know why furoshki ends are not trimmed? Or where each patterns comes from?

I love the stories she tells, how much she cares and treasures the goods she is offering to her customers. Ouka is a collage artist herself, so no surprise there is so much attention to detail and respect for the work of other people.

And I truly enjoyed drawing a portrait of Ouka's stall. Here you can find a photo of her wonderful stall (with the portrait ;))) and a portrait itself.

What do you think? Do you like stationery? Do you like to know where the objects you use come from and how much love and attention was given to them? :)

You can find okokcole stationery instagram account here: http://instagram.com/okokcole

and every Saturday at the Broadway Market. And I hope she will have an online website very soon!