Art supplies love

Since childhood I loved art supplies and stationery (on stationery addiction some other time), I would collect paint, experiment and try to find new exciting things, super curious to see how different paint would work and how I could apply that to my style. 

Never enough colour, paint and brushes, right? So here are some of my current favourites.

1. Kuretake Gansai Tambi Watercolour

I use them A LOT, that's my main and absolute favourite watercolour set I've ever had.

The pans are quite large, selection of colour is insane as you can see for yourself. Paint has a lot of pigment, so they are very saturated and happy colours. Also they are quite different from usual watercolours, they are a lot more creamy and rich, they feel a little like gouache but with that watercolour lightness and transparency without loosing the beautiful intensity of colour. 

I absolutely love the packaging and a little detail inside the box, you can make your own palette and use it as a reference, which I found very helpful and extremely cute to look at.

When paint dries it has a very lovely texture, almost like a velvet. I am in love with Kuretake Watercolours! :)

2. Winsor & Newton Watercolour Set

Beautiful colours, high quality paint, lovely pigments and amazing depth of colour, great box, useful lid to mix the paint. 

Super duper amazing!


3. Winsor & Newton Designers Gouache

I used gouache when in Art School as a teenager, which was a long time ago and we were drawing mainly still life so there wasn't much chance to use happy bright colours, so when I had a chance to try gouache again it was such fun! I usually add it to give an extra colour or depth to my watercolour drawings, so it lasts a long time and adds that extra colour and also stays opaque when needed (which is awesome!).



5. Diamine Drawing Ink

Last but not least is this absolutely amazing drawing ink!

As with gouache I use ink together with watercolours to add some good funky vibes and unusual colours. It's seriously awesome.  It gives me the most amazing pink and the happiest yellow. So much love for this ink. 

As to brushes I use Pro Arte Prolene plus synthetic round brushes and Pentel Water Brushes.

Water Brushes is my recent purchase and I'm in love! It creates such great effects and there is no need to go and fetch a jar of water if feeling particularly inspired and absolutely unable to get off the chair in fear of loosing the vibe.  


Tadaaa, that's what I use.

What do you like to draw/play with?