Some time ago I was approached by dashing chap Tyson, who works for Staedtler if I would be interested to play around with some of the pens he is promoting.

Pens in lots of colours, from the cutest chihuahua in the whole of stationery world, YES PLEASE!

Normally I work with watercolour, ink and gouache (read more about it here , so I was very excited to try a new medium.

Here is what the pens inspired me to do! :)

I painted the characters clothes and hair with watercolour paint, just as a base, to set the scene for staedtler pens! :) And added all the patterns, girls hair, background and all the little details with the fibre tip pens. 


Pens are so much fun to use, great selection of colours and perfect for adding details and patterns.

staedtler pen doodle by andsmile

Can’t wait to draw again ;)

Thank you Tyson & Staedtler for inspiring me to try something new! 

Psst, even though the pens were kindly given to me to draw/play around, all opinions expressed here are my own and I truly enjoy using the pens. :) 

You can find Tyson on twitter, tumblr, Facebook and instagram