Renegade roundup

Renegade was so much fun! We've met lots of people, made new friends, saw some old buddies. There were around 180 different sellers, so it's impossible to share a lot but here is a roundup of my favourite stall/work/people in no particular order. Here is full list of sellers:

Starting the round up with the cutest visitor EVER who was kind enough to help me look after the stall!!! :) You can follow lovely Bruno on his instagram. :)

Super colourful corner of crazy & wild designs by Hello DODO & Designosaur Yeah

What a perfect match! Kate Rowland was paired up with Jacqueline Colley to share a booth and they created this beautiful wall art. Needles to say that both of their work is marvellous.

It's always such a pleasure to see Sophie from Geo-Fleur & her wonderful army of succulents, cacti and all things needed to create your own little oasis at home. :) 

Ella Masters is a talented illustrator, blogger and overall huge inspiration. I've been following her journey (both creative and personal) for years and it was such a pleasure to meet her in real life. 

Vicky from Woah There Pickle always delivers on super bright colourful, handprinted awesomness!!! And her work is full of joy and giggles :))

He says he likes cats, he draws cats, he makes cats, he sells cats, he's got cat tattoos. However he has a dog. Enter the world of weird and wonderful CATS by Toby from I like CATS

Super pretty display, the coolest work and the sweetest ladies! Hello Harriet and Rachel from OH NO Rachio!  have it all your cat loving, plant lusting, pretty stuff loving soul can wish for.  :) 

Nicola Rowlands is a genius creator of such essential things as: pocket man friends, plush face cushions, look alike softies and many many other things. She's an awesome illustrator & overall creative powerhouse. And her stall was overloaded with the most amazing things! 

Geometric, patterned, colour blocked jewellery by Apres Ski. I am in love!!! And I need it all. What a beauty!!!

Sarah Benning or also known as a superstar contemporary embroiderer. It was such a pleasure to see her beautiful work in real life.

Fantastic Lola from LHDesign not only she runs her own business, creates beautiful products but she is the person behind  #onegirlband 

I think Lucie Ellen and her work doesn't need any introduction ;) I was so lucky to be in front of her beautiful stall all weekend! She creates geometric, colourful earrings, brooches, necklaces as well as super cool homewares! 

Diana from Pygmy Cloud built a very cosy room for Renegade craft fair. I want to live in that room, also I really need all of her products. Cloud shaped tables are a priority though! 

SPARKLES! COLOUR! FLOWERS! AWESOME STUFF!!! Oh Squirrel & Pup Tart!!! These two girls are the wildest!!! And their work is the bestest!!! 

I am acrylic stall always looks amazing & full of wonderful & hand cut acrylic jewellery. Please note Ruths very cute hand behind the right tree :D By that hand all that beauty is made!!! 

Beautiful illustrations made into prints, cards, wrapping paper & calendar by super talented and the loveliest person ever. Mr. Peebles ;)

They are naughty & they are pink,I think we all need more naughty pinkness in our lives! By Liv & Dom

The last but not least is wonderfully patient & talented Kirstin Stride. All her delicate jewellery is hand drawn! <3


Well, thank you for reading till the end, hope you enjoyed my snapshots from Renegade Craft Fair! ;)