Olive Bowers

International Women's Day is this Sunday, 8th of March.  I'm a feminist and I would like to dedicate this week to thinking & drawing some inspiring, outspoken, brave women who in one way or another are making our society more equal and a better place for everyone. It's just my ode to awesome kick ass babes who come in many shapes & forms.

I would love to start with amazing, brave, fierce, smart, outspoken surfer Olive Bowers (who's 13 years old).

Olive wrote an open letter to Tracks magazine (surfer magazine) tackling objectifying of women in the magazine (both online & printed). 

I would subscribe to your magazine if only I felt that women were valued as athletes instead of dolls. This change would only bring good.
— Olive Bowers

Olive, you are a superstar, please continue to be awesome!  


You can read her full open letter here

You can read her full open letter and a very poor reply from an editor of Tracks magazine here