DIY - Mint Hair Don't Care!

Hello lovelies,

Do you have some free time on your hands (maybe this long weekend?) and an urge to make something? How about cute embroidered tote? 

I made this mint haired lady in around 4 days (on and off) and I used:

1 blank tote

3-4 mint threads (or any colour if you like, I used three strands and tried not to waste thread on the back too much ;))

1 (tiny bit) of black and pink thread

1 blue thread

1 embroidery hoop

a bit of gold thread for little stars around (optional ;)

Imaginary Mint Haired girl as inspiration! :)


If you would like to give it a go yourself then save the image below & print out this black and white lady (A4 size), put it under your fabric and trace - then embroider! :) If you plan to embroider on a smaller scale when printing the girl use printer preview and scale the image (try 60% instead of 100% for a smaller version).

embroidery diy by andsmile

I would love to see what you will come up with, let me know if you decide to use this template for your crafty project, use #andsmilestudioDIY or let me know on any social media//blog comment what you do you think! :) <3

Have an awesome weekend!