Being kind (to yourself)

New collection is a very personal one, it's all about being present, mindful, enjoying little things in life (and surrounding yourself with things and people which make you happy). And a very important thing for me now and something I am constantly working on is being kind to myself.

That's some of the things which stand for Being Kind to Yourself for me :)

  • Taking time off (and maybe enjoying coffee, reading a book or magazine//quality me time),
  • Appreciate my achievements and giving myself a little pat on the back instead of pushing to do more and thinking I haven't done enough
  • Giving my body some nice food (I know cake is good but salad and fruits are making me feel better)
  • Drinking enough water
  • And most importantly exercise.

So this set of three postcards is a reminder to be kind to ourselves (and when we are happy, rested it is so much easier to be kind to others too). 

What being kind to yourself means to you?