Process ;)

I love working with watercolour paint but I also enjoy trying new things. So recently I've been using wonderful caran d'ache pencil to draw outlines, then scanning the drawing in and  colouring in the it digitally. So I get nice pencil texture and freedom to experiment with colours and CMD + Z, also I think we need UNDO button purely for applying eye liner too but that's a story for another post :))) 

That's how it looks like in real life! ;) Here is a drawing inspired by Indian Monsooned Malubar Coffee. I got to try this wonderful coffee couple of days ago and it impressed me so much! Beans are left go dry in open warehouses where they soak up the moisture from the winds of the monsoon so they lose their acidity and become gold in colour. I LOVED the flavour!!! I usually prefer very smooth coffee and it is just a dream.. When I drink it I imagine I am in the Indian forest, drinking coffee with my buddies (tigers & exotic birds).

What are your favourite tools? Processes? Are you interested to see how other people draw/make?