Seek Adventure // Lucky Dip Club

I love working on commissions & pushing my work into different directions from what I normally do myself. Especially when it's something for LuckyDipClub!!! :)) Woop Woop!

Leona from LuckyDipClub had a clear idea of what she wanted & oh my you should have seen the mood boards. Things of dreams! She is one amazing lady! ;)

It was a pleasure drawing red haired, curious & adventurous scout lady for a patch. She is surrounded by all her favourite things, daisies, postcards, pencils, binoculars, teacup & palette ;)

After the artwork was finished in several variations (for a patch, for a postcard and individual elements covered the outside of the zine, also a portrait of Leona) it was a hard to play the waiting game to see what Leona will make from it all. ;)

Please see photos for the result!!! 

As someone who works with turning illustrations into products it was a dream project!

Did you get one of the Seek Adventure LuckyDipClub boxes? ;) Hope you had fun with it? :D

I sure did!!!