Art Supplies Love

I often get asked about what kind of art supplies I use. This tends to change, I love trying new things and have a mild (well, quite severe actually) addiction to art materials. 

For the last 3 (maybe even 4, omg!) years I've been using Kuretake Gansai Tambi Watercolours. I have the 36 colour palette, with a beautiful variety of reds, yellows, greens, blues and even some shiny metallics! The paint is very thick and has a lot of pigment. It's a bit more creamy than usual watercolours, so it kind of feels like a mixture between watercolour and gouache.

I use two types of brushes. My absolute favourite brush is Raphael Kolinksy Sable (size 6), it holds a lot of water and allows you to create delicate details or broad washes, it's a beautiful brush so look after it and wash after using (don't use to paint with gouache, only watercolours).

And the second type of brush I use is brush pens! woop woop! When I can't fill in a jar with water or just want to paint from the comfort of my sofa. I've tried many different brands but couldn't really see much difference between them, they all are excellent at what they are supposed to be doing! Set of three pentel water brush pens or try medium size Pentel water brush pen or Caran d'ache brush pen (it has a cute button too :)).

To sketch, add details or achieve beautiful varied lines I always go for Pentel Brush Pens, I always have one with me. :) 

Another thing which I always carry with me is Daler Rowney Ebony hardback A5 size sketchbook. I've been using them for the last 9 years and absolutely love them.

Recently I've been experimenting with gouache more and more. I do love Winsor & Newton but I invested in this beautiful set by Holbein, lovely selection of incredibly bright colours. Really a joy to use! It's worth every penny.

When painting with gouache brushes get ruined super fast, so what I do is pop to my local art store Jacksons' art and find whatever they have on sale (they had absolutely amazing brushes for a Β£1!!!) :), so I would recommend doing just that. 

Ok, paper!!! Well, I've been using a few different types. Bockingford is one of my favourite papers. Hot pressed paper is super smooth and velvety. Cold Pressed has beautiful texture and a bit of a tooth. Also Fabriano hot pressed paper (and cold pressed :) is an absolute delight to paint on! But if you really want to treat yo self.. get Arches Cold Pressed or Hot Pressed paper, Arches are considered one of the best watercolour papers in the world (the price does reflect that too :)). Cass Art have pretty awesome paper and for a great price too! But if you aren't sure which paper you like and need more go to a store and touuuch it! :) Jacksons Art is an amazing place to pop in, so are Cass Art Stores (Islington branch has better selection than their smaller branches). 

What are your favourite materials?