iLikeCats x Andsmile

For 365 days last year Toby from iLikeCats was drawing & posting on his insta drawing a day. This year he invited everyone to join him! Draw, write, photograph, join everyday or some days! You can join in the project on instagram with a hashtag: #yayeveryday2016

It's been amazing to see so many people joined Toby  this year & to see that wonderful creative community grow so much!

There is something special about this year too, Toby invited some of his fellow creatives to join the fun project & create prompts for people to follow. And February I was lucky enough to be part of this amazing project! I came up with the prompts and joined where I could. I really loved seeing people take part and always amazed at how much different ideas everyone had.

Another special thing is that Toby and I collaborated on a BFF pin set (NO girl & OK cat). It's a limited edition set of 100 pins only and can be found in Toby's and my shops. It was super fun to work with Toby & be part of #yayeveryday2016

bff pin set andsmile x ilikecats

Here is my last entry for February #yayeveryday2016, the prompt is DISAPPEARING, I guess when I came up with that I already knew that I will be a little sad to leave the month of being part of this super fun community behind me so Disappearing felt like the right word to describe what's happening! ;) THANK YOU so much for letting me be part of this super fun project! And now.. I'm disappearing ;)) *ppst.. the drawing is available as a print**