An Ode to Gouache

When I went to an art school as a little girl we used to paint with gouache a lot. But the kind of gouache my Mum bought me & the kind we needed to use was not the kind which made eyes happy.

Each colour had a hint of brown. We painted mainly still life and everything wasa little brownish, bottle greenish, redish, old teapotish, creamish, sad*ish. Don't get me wrong. It was such an amazing education but I lusted for crazy colours & freedom (not still life, greek heads or cylinders), for ready made paints, for no need to mix the pink (because we all know that no matter how hard we try no opera pink will be born from red/yellow or blue).

My work is mainly digital now but using paint inspires me so much.

There is nothing more satisfying than squeezing out that wild lime green paint or opera pink or the happiest of yellows, dipping your brush in and using it and painting, without mixing, just like that, out of the tube! And it makes me feel liberated, it makes me feel like a wild wild rebel!!! And I'm doing it for that little girl in me who still doesn't want brownish, still no greek head drawing but FUN & COLOUR & PATTERN!!!


The paints I used are Holbein gouache & they make my eyes & heart so happy! :)