Travelling kit

I absolutely love drawing & painting in coffee shops, museums & other public spaces but at the same time I'm suuuuper conscious of that! I would do anything to avoid attracting attention to my sketching on location, so my travel set up had to be super small, quick & quiet.

And I think I found a perfect combo. Here it is!

Paint set by Winsor & Newton from Cass Art.

I replaced some of the colours with my favourite Holbein gouache from Jackson's Art (it comes in tubes but I squeezed some out, made sure it dried and use as watercolour when on location, just add lots of water and it's good to go!) and some watercolours from other sets. When looking for a good travel case it's quite hard to find a cheap case, so it was actually cheaper to buy a set and then replace any colours if needed but if you are starting out this set is super good! :) It comes with a portable tiny brush which I rarely use but I keep it inside in case of emergency.

Water barrel + super tiny brush pen by Kuretake

Absolutely in love with this little duo! I have the tiny water barrel always filled with water and the brush is stored with bristles inside! So it takes no space and it's super quick to fill it with water from the barrel & whip up a little painting. There are a lot of wonderful brush pens on the market if you are not into tiny cute barrel with a tiny cute ninja brush pen. :) Like this set at Cass Art or search your local art store for a brush pen, majority will have a great selection in store. :)

Palomino Blackwing Pearl Pencil

It's my absolute favourite pencil. I buy them by the box here not pictured here but I carry around this wonderful pencil sharpener (I love my pencils sharpened & quite long, so it's absolutely perfect).

Kuretake No.40 Brush pen with waterproof ink.

I love watercolour & adding colour do my doodles, so having a brushpen with waterproof ink just made my life so much better! :) I blogged about the whole setup here.  However if you are not into watercolours or colouring your drawings or you add lines after colour this brush pen with original inks is a thing of dreams, absolutely wonderful!

Tiny blob eraser is my favourite from MUJI.

Daler Rowney Ebony Sketchbook

Is my all time favourite sketchbook. The paper is heavyweight and can handle a lot of paint & water, colour of the paper is really lovely too, it's not too white without being too yellow. Perfect for pencil drawing, sketching & for adding some paint too. Comes in different shapes & sizes. My favourite are A6, A5 and A4 portrait sketchbooks. Because they are hardback it's easy to draw on the go & the cover does a great job at protecting the inside of the sketchbook.

Here is a little drawing done while drinking a lot of coffee ;) With all my favourite tools!

So as to drawing all is good.. but to be super fast & to attract as little attention as possible when drawing on location everything must be stored in efficient way & be easily accessible without getting everything out of the bag & fishing for an eraser or something. Or maybe it's just an excuse to buy more pretty stationery & cute storage solutions.. ;)

Yellow pencil case from Present & Correct.

It's plastic and easy to clean. I carry pencil sharpener, eraser, pencils & pens in it.

Mint Hightide (nahe) wide plastic case

It's perfect for keeping & carrying around paints, brushes & that tiny cute water barrel. So I know all my painting supplies are in one place and I usually get everything dirty with paint and it helps to prevent even more mess. :) And overall I'm a huge fan of Hightide stationery products, the widest range can be found here

Thank you for reading, I hope this blogpost will help you to find your perfect travel set up & encourage to take your creativity outside! :)