Adventures in Ghent!

Couple of weeks ago we went to visit Ghent in Belgium to listen to my little sister play at her violin exam (she played with so much passion, love and skill our bias hearts exploded :)).

I've visited Ghent twice before and was so happy to be back. To see my lovely sister & to spend time walking around tiny streets and soaking in the beauty of this ridiculously gorgeous city.

I stayed in a tiny airbnb 5 minutes away from the city center, it was full of character (and I think ghosts). The house we were staying in was built around 16th century and there are lots of older houses in central town, some were built in 17th century some later but they all have one thing in common they are all soooo beautiful and colourful!

Another thing I love about Ghent is abundance of coffee shops! There are a lot of adorable tiny caffe's to drink some really good coffee, enjoy life, look at passers by.. So purely as a research we tried quite a few coffees. :)

And of course because we were in Belgium we had to try some fabulous Belgian beer. And again we were spoiled for choice both of beer & places to try it at. My favourite of course were the ones by the canals, where you can sit down, sip delicious beer and look at tourist boats looking at you looking at them. :)

This time we visited Het Huis val Alijn which is a folk museum, telling a story of Ghent and it's inhabitants. And of course all the amazing indie shops& places to eat. It's my second holiday since becoming a vegetarian so I wasn't quite sure what kind of food will be there to eat. I had problems in Prague (way too much tempting herring and all kinds of sausage). But Ghent was a delight! Every single place we went to had a fab vegetarian & vegan options, which were actually super delicious and well cooked (no massive cheese blobs or mushroom risottos).

There are always so many beautiful dogs there too! I can't believe just HOW many dogs there are in Ghent. But we were told that apparently Belgians tend to have more pets than any other nation in Europe, so that explains everything.

Of course if you venture outside the old town and into the suburbs you can encounter many of the wonderfully ugly belgian houses. I'm absolutely in love with them! And been a fan of the book & twitter account for Ugly Belgian Houses for ages, so my sister gave me the book as a present.. awwww, we had something to read on the way back.. :))

Bedankt, Gent!

You were wonderful as always. I hope we can see each other soon?