This July I taught a fun (even if I say so myself) portrait drawing workshop at We Built This City at Carnaby St, London. 

I love drawing people. I am curious about how we are all different and wonderful at the same time, about what makes us special, what we think about a person without really knowing them and how  that perception changes once you get acquainted. 

I've been drawing people I think always, we all tend to go into head/shoulders phase and I really love doing that, so no surprise I started taking commissions for portraits. I'm not sure how many exactly I drew over the last three years but I would say A LOT. 

My process always starts with looking and finding out how that person makes me feel, how they look like to me and how can I translate that very special thing about them into my style. I think a lot about that (sometimes without even noticing) and I think I accumulated quite a lot of things I wanted to share with people and decided to do a workshop.

It was such a pleasure when the workshop of 12 spaces sold out within 3 days, I was sooo excited to meet everyone & have some fun while drawing people! 

We did some black & white head/shoulder portraits with a tiny spot of colour. It was absolutely amazing to meet all the people and see them create absolutely aweeeesome portraits!!! They were all so good at it! And I truly hope everyone enjoyed their time, they were such curious and talented students. :)

Here are some tools we used on the day & I can't recommend them enough.

Brush Pen (if you don't want to splash on the more expensive one, try this one, it's fun & awesome to use!)

Brush Pen (if you are ready to spend a bit more money, this brush pen is absolutely amazing!)


Or a lovely sketchbook

for some colour:

Pigment Markers (which we used at the workshop, yay!) 

or some watercolour

I hope it was the first workshop of many more to come. I'm busy organising & finding venues for more portrait drawing workshops. Would you want to attend one? Or maybe you would like to suggest not a portrait drawing but other type of workshop you'd like to attend? 

Please let me know in the comments or

to be the first one to hear about upcoming events & workshops! :)