Let's talk about gouache!

First I used gouache when I was a young kid in school, painting mainly still life. I really loved the texture and feel of the paint then and I still do now. I had a bit of a break from gouache (15 years) but so happy to be using it again.

I absolutely love the consistency of gouache, it can be used as dry medium, layered heavily or watered down to watercolour consistency, it's very fun paint to play with, it can be opaque and mat, it can be translucent, even the lightest colours can cover the darkest paint (like dark blue and light yellow!) and it simply feels great to paint with! :)

There are many great brands out there but here are some of my favourite ones.

Here are the paints I use:

Holbein Gouache

I bought a beautiful set of 18 tubes Holbein Gouache as a present for my birthday last year, it's a bit pricey but absolutely worth the money. Set has a fantastic selection of all colours, including cold and warm hues of yellow, green, red, blue and also black and white. It's a great set and even though the tubes are smaller than tubes sold individually they last a long time. 

After trying Holbein Gouache in the set I went and stocked up on some colours which I adore and use a lot in my work and which were missing from the set (like baby pink, mint and wilder shades of blue), the tubes are much bigger and last for a while, they are crazy cute too! The best place to buy them from is Jackson's Art (if you are UK based). Holbein offer wonderful selection of colours for all tastes and colour preferences. The quality is exceptional and I would recommend anyone who doubts to give these beauties a go.

Winsor and Newton are great quality gouache paints. And because they are UK brand they are a bit cheaper and easier to get hands on! So I have my favourite colours from Winsor and Newton and from Holbein. They can be combined and the texture is very similar. So mixing and matching is super fun! :)

Gouache is very stick and not that easy to wash out of brushes and I go through a lot of brushes. I keep all of them because when they get all fluffy and naughty they are absolutely amazing for adding texture with dry gouache! I choose the cheapest round brushes (synthetic) similar to these Jacksons Art brushes . Or whatever your local shops offer :)

When I paint with gouache I prefer using hot pressed watercolour paper. My favourite brand is Hot Pressed Bockingford but I would recommend trying any available brands. Cass Art have good selection of their own affordable papers, also trying different textures is a good idea.

I hope I inspired you to get out those gouache paints and paint or even maybe try gouache for the first time! It's a beautiful type of paint, easy to use, not messy and an absolute joy to paint with!

Are you gouache person? Yay nay? What do you like/not like? Please let me know if you have any Q or share your experience in the comments :)