🎨✏️STUDIO ✏️🎨

Hey guys! 

How are you?

I'm really good! Have you heard the news (I've been on it non stop for the last couple of months but just in case) about my new studio?


For someone who worked from home for the whole of my freelance career getting a studio was a big dream of mine. I've been full time self-employed for the last 4 years and my studio consisted of a corner of a room with lots of storage and cool organising solutions. Which was absolutely fantastic but things changed (I'll go into detail about it at some point in the future) and after a summer trip to Ghent, I came back full of energy, excitement and optimism and stumbled upon a tweet from a fellow illustrator who was looking for studio neighbors. Couldn't believe my luck! Studio in west London, affordable rent, wonderful neighbors, beautiful building, light.. ohh, just a dream! After several months of waiting, I signed the contract and officially became part of Kindred Studios !!! HORRRAYYYYY!!!!

The space took some work, repainting the walls, removing the floors (4 layers and thousands of nails), putting in some plants and thrifted tea trolly it's now dare I say a beauuuutyyyy! The building is filled with artists of all sorts (ceramicists, printmakers, musicians, sculptors and many many more). We even have our own lovely cafe with warm and delicious meals and cakes. Each day at 1 o'clock rings a bell inviting us all to go down to the canteen and share some food. The grand hall is under construction (future events space) and workshop space will be available for hire soon.

Would you like to have a look? Come in! 

I'm sharing the most wonderful room with the most amazing people Matt (illustrator), Diane (printmaker) & Carolina (printmaker). 

It's such a pleasure to work from. Just having a space purely for work and creativity is such a joy! 

Keep an eye on my events page for Open Doors Day!

Do you work from home? Studio? Did you enjoy seeing my space? :)