Inspiration. Part 2: PLAY

Scheduling playtime is sooo important for me and for my work! I'm one of these people who gets caught up in the hustle very quickly so if I don't plan an evening off, a meeting with friends, yoga class, food shopping or creative playtime/experimentation I actually might talk myself out of it for sake of admin or something. Are you guys suffering from severe hustling/multitasking syndrome too? 

But this weekend I actually managed to schedule some play time and stick with it (actually I had a cold.. so it wasn't optional!). A fantastic reminder that in order to create interesting work and keep developing we must have fun, play, experiment and let gooooooo! 

Here is my playtime work and kind of answer to where the ideas come from. πŸ–Œ

First I had a β€œgreat” idea for a painting and painted two girls on pink background and it was a failure, destroyed all evidence (oops) and then I had some pink 🌸 painted paper left so I just decided to doodle based on loose warm up I did the other day, where I painted on huge scale (well, for me) and with no sketch/pencil line. Just a girls portrait.


Recently I work mainly with gouache.  For these paintings I used greens from Winsor & Newton and beautiful pinks from Holbein

I usually paint over a pencil sketch so painting without a plan or a sketch was suuuper fun! And I kind of tried to simplify the lines, sometimes my work gets way too busy and I don’t know where to stop and I am huge fan of Matisse and how he can describe so much movement, feeling & story by beautiful and minimal lines, colours and shapes, so was just trying to apply that to my work (with final drawing it didn’t really reflect though 😊)). I got some incredible art books recently and I try to see what things I like and how can I apply them to my work. In this photo you can see Henri Matisse Cut-Outs book (it's beauuuutiful!).

Here is finished line work experiment.

And then I've combined the lines with some shapes and colours in another pink painting! πŸŒΈπŸ–ŒπŸŒΈπŸ–ŒπŸŒΈ 

The floral woman on the left is called Matilda and woman in pink on the right is called Henrietta (You see what I did there?... with Henri Matisse being the inspiration? I'm horrible at coming up with names, so here we go!).

These originals are for sale at  Studio 73  Gallery in Brixton.

These originals are for sale at Studio 73 Gallery in Brixton.

Hope you enjoyed seeing more from behind the scenes and a bit of an insight how my process works! and where ideas come from! Where do yours come from?