Screenprinting workshop at Underway Studio

Have you done screen printing? A lot of us have (uni or college or school?!). My last attempt was in Uni, when I printed some posters for a project. I always found it super fun but never had enough patience or opportunity to give it another go.  So when my neighbours at Kindredstudios, a collective of printmakers called Underway Studio started offering day long workshops for beginners I signed up straight away.

We had such a fantastic day! Underway Studio taught how to create visuals for screens, prepare files for acetates, print, expose screens, wash, tape, print, rip paper! It was a super fun day, it being a workshop meant that Underway women where there to guide us, give us advice and sometimes completely save the day. 

I worked on a two colour screenprint based on an inky drawing of a woman Looking for Spring. These grey and cold January days started getting to me. Feeling more tired and craving somes sunshine and colour. It was snowing on the day of the workshop, so absolutely perfect thing to work on in a warm studio over a cup of tea. I went for happy pink and red with some yellow undertones combination. Love all the textures of the screen print and how ink sits on paper, what a beautiful process!

If you never done screen printing I would recommend giving it a go and if you've done it before and forgot how fun it is, go to a workshop (where the stress of responsibility is taken away from you).

And Looking for Spring is available as a limited edition of 10 screenprints.