Friday Market Trips

Some of the Fridays on my way to work I go through Portobello Market. Before moving to my new studio space at Kindred Studios last September I saw the market as something which used to be fantastic for antique and second hand bargains and now was replaced by mass produced souveniers and overpriced vintage shirts and vinyls. But it turns out that if you just stick with it and keep going up up up.. you'll find true treasure. And if you turn right from Portobello to Golborne Rd you will come across beautiful furnutire, mixed boxes of random stuff filled with someones trash ready to become your treasure. 

photo portobello market london

I tend to hunt for old ceramic cups and plates (I use plates as palettes for painting and started to include them as part of my workshops, they perform much better than plastic palettes and are enviromentaly friendly and of course much more beautiful).

In recent weeks though I came across a few lovely photos. I love drawing people and I think it's because I am so intrigued by people, I find us/you/them fascinating, I love connecting with people around me and getting to know stories, experiences and perspectives. And old photos are such riddles, mix of names, years, memories. Or nothing and we can be guessing who these people are and what they did. At first I bought photos to use as references for future workshops but then I found myself using them to just paint and play around. I found the process inspiring, just one photo and lots of questions about the person. Did Sheila (it does say Sheila on the back of this photo below) pondered about creativity and creative block? Was she happy? Was she in love? What was her favourite food? Was she a career woman? What were her dreams and her fears? I think green was her colour and that jacket with a strong power shoulder gave her confidence. 

Maybe next time you are at a second hand market, pick up some photos and have a stash so when you feel like drawing or painting you can go through them and find inspiration! :) ✏️ 

gouache portrait painting