Creative Newsletter

We’ve all heard one person or another say oh I’m not that creative. My Mum used to say it a lot (even though she is), then I would here it anywhere I went. Even when I would teach drawing and painting workshops people would say that they are not that creative and then sit down, spend some time working on something and produce a something out of nothing. Any form of creativity is such an incredible process but I also believe it’s more a habit of doing something rather than natural ability to just be creative. And I believe everyone is creative. So I started this newsletter filled with some prompts and tips for you and me to get into a habit of drawing more, being creative more.

In May it will be a weekly newsletter and from then on it will be a monthly one. I hope you can join in!

You can find what people create this week under the tag #CreateThingsHaveFun on instagram

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veronika by viktorija semjonova illustration