Covent Garden Art Shops ✏️🎨

London has so many stunning Art Shops and first instalment of some of my favourite places to visit is Covent Garden Area.

First stop:

L. Cornelissen & Son is one of the oldest art shops in London, it’s 5 minutes walk from British Museum (Holborn, Covent Garden or Tottenham Court Rd Stations). It’s small, filled to the brim with traditional materials, has lots of drawers for you to look through and squeaky floors. It’s enchanting and you are bound to find some inspiration as well as some great art materials there.

Second stop:

London Graphic Centre is a huge shop covering everything from art materials to stationery to cool bags and DIY. I remember coming here as a tiny baby student illustrator on a day trip to London and feeling like I’m in paradise. To be honest nothing has changed much, art shops are still my happy place. And here you can find everything you wish for.

Third stop:

Monmouth Coffee is an inspiration. They started selling coffee in the 70’s and haven’t changed much, stayed true to themselves, trends just caught up with them. Sometimes I feel this is a beautiful parallel to finding your style in illustration, just do what you believe in and don’t worry about trends, listen to your inner voice. Thank you Monmouth Coffee for teaching this important lesson and making the best coffee. They are an institution and are worth a visit, especially if you are walking around Covent Garden between many many tourists and need a quiet break and some energy ☕️

Fourth stop:

Choosing Keeping exquisite stationery shop which moved from Columbia Rd to this central location and expanded. They sell everything from scented inks to japanese papers to pens, pencils, notebooks, paperweights and all kinds of beautiful stationery in abundance. It’s a very beautiful shop with knowledgable staff and absolutely worth a visit.

If you would like to watch my little video tour of these places you can find it here:

Please see my Art & Stationery Shop map of London (with some coffee shops and other special places to visit), map will be updated regularly and if you end up visiting some of these places thanks to my tips, please let me know!