Packing light: Art supplies

I'm the kind of person who packs clothes & personal belongings in 15 minutes for the trip and then spends a couple of hours deciding on which sketchbooks and art materials to pack. But I after many trips to museums, parks and holidays I perfected my traveling set up.

I consider myself to be a light packer. A couple of years ago I traveled for 16 days from London to Brussels - Amsterdam - Riga - Stockholm - Copenhagen - Berlin - Paris - London with a kanken standard sized backpack and on my last trip I was going to Ghent & Amsterdam with my brompton bike and a large kanken. So when choosing art supplies I'm balancing taking things which don't take up too much space but are the materials I enjoy using the most

Packing light, how to travel with your favourite art supplies. Gouache and pencils in the palette. by viktorija semjonova andsmilestudio


My art set up now consists of: 

Miello Palette: it has a small tray which you can take out and rubber around the edges, so when closed it becomes airtight. I prefer using gouache these days and taking many tubes with me is not an option. I've tried just squeezing the paint into plastic travel sets but gouache dries quickly and then when a lot of walking and traveling is involved it just crumbles and goes all over the place. This palette keeps gouache wet for around one week and a half. So I squeeze pea size of all the colours and I have all my favourite paints with me but they take nearly no space.

Holbein Gouache: an extra tube of white or any other colour I use a lot. 

Pentel brush pen: fill in the barell with water and no fluff with finding the jar/water, whip it out of the bag and you are ready to paint.

Blackwing Pencil

Pencil Sharpener


Caran d'Ache Luminance 6901 Pencils: I enjoy adding some texture and patterns using these pencils

Nahe plastic pouch: they come in different sizes and shapes and perfect to keep all the art supplies and sketchbook in one place. I have one A5 size to put everything in and then a smaller one for pencils, paints, brushes.

Sketchbook one of my favourites is Daler & Rowney Ebony in A5 size. But I love MARK + FOLD (really lovely thin paper but it takes so much paint).

Black and White Sketchbook


How are you? What's new?

All is good here. Today I finished a sketchbook, wooop woop! I normally have several sketchbooks for different things (and also because I will go half way and then delay finishing it and will start a new one, oops).

black and white sketchbook

I started this A6 Daler and Rowney (Ebony, hard cover) sketchbook in October 2016 purely for black and white doodles. But quite soon I realised (once again) that A6 is a bit too small for me to have a sense of play and really explore different techniques. I tend to buy these tiny baby sketchbooks because they look cute and then end up not really using them as much as other sizes.

I find that when I give myself some restrictions and boundaries I have more fun and learn more from the process. So this time I decided to challenge the thing which I thought was so important to my work..  C O L O U R 

I love working with colour and paint but for this sketchbook I decided to use only black and white tools. So it was one of these sketchbooks which was by the sofa or by the side of my bed when I fancied a little doodle. I tried to concentrate on lines and simple shapes for this sketchbook. 

I used pentel re fillable brush pen (one of my favourite tools)

Pentel brush pen in grey and black. The nib in this brush pen is much bigger and gives an opportunity for big washes and lots of texture. It's very flexible and variety of line is impressive, it can be very thin and delicate for tiny details or be very wide and expressive with lots of texture and energy.

Winsor & Newton Black Indian Ink

Blackwing Pencil (my favourite pencil!)

Daler Rowney Ebony Sketchbook (A6)

black and white sketchbook

Here is how this sketchbook turned out, these are the spreads I had the most fun drawing. 

Watch full sketchbook video below.

Inspiration. Part 2: PLAY

Scheduling playtime is sooo important for me and for my work! I'm one of these people who gets caught up in the hustle very quickly so if I don't plan an evening off, a meeting with friends, yoga class, food shopping or creative playtime/experimentation I actually might talk myself out of it for sake of admin or something. Are you guys suffering from severe hustling/multitasking syndrome too? 

But this weekend I actually managed to schedule some play time and stick with it (actually I had a cold.. so it wasn't optional!). A fantastic reminder that in order to create interesting work and keep developing we must have fun, play, experiment and let gooooooo! 

Here is my playtime work and kind of answer to where the ideas come from. 🖌

First I had a “great” idea for a painting and painted two girls on pink background and it was a failure, destroyed all evidence (oops) and then I had some pink 🌸 painted paper left so I just decided to doodle based on loose warm up I did the other day, where I painted on huge scale (well, for me) and with no sketch/pencil line. Just a girls portrait.


Recently I work mainly with gouache.  For these paintings I used greens from Winsor & Newton and beautiful pinks from Holbein

I usually paint over a pencil sketch so painting without a plan or a sketch was suuuper fun! And I kind of tried to simplify the lines, sometimes my work gets way too busy and I don’t know where to stop and I am huge fan of Matisse and how he can describe so much movement, feeling & story by beautiful and minimal lines, colours and shapes, so was just trying to apply that to my work (with final drawing it didn’t really reflect though 😊)). I got some incredible art books recently and I try to see what things I like and how can I apply them to my work. In this photo you can see Henri Matisse Cut-Outs book (it's beauuuutiful!).

Here is finished line work experiment.

And then I've combined the lines with some shapes and colours in another pink painting! 🌸🖌🌸🖌🌸 

The floral woman on the left is called Matilda and woman in pink on the right is called Henrietta (You see what I did there?... with Henri Matisse being the inspiration? I'm horrible at coming up with names, so here we go!).

These originals are for sale at  Studio 73  Gallery in Brixton.

These originals are for sale at Studio 73 Gallery in Brixton.

Hope you enjoyed seeing more from behind the scenes and a bit of an insight how my process works! and where ideas come from! Where do yours come from?

Let's talk about gouache!

First I used gouache when I was a young kid in school, painting mainly still life. I really loved the texture and feel of the paint then and I still do now. I had a bit of a break from gouache (15 years) but so happy to be using it again.

I absolutely love the consistency of gouache, it can be used as dry medium, layered heavily or watered down to watercolour consistency, it's very fun paint to play with, it can be opaque and mat, it can be translucent, even the lightest colours can cover the darkest paint (like dark blue and light yellow!) and it simply feels great to paint with! :)

There are many great brands out there but here are some of my favourite ones.

Here are the paints I use:

Holbein Gouache

I bought a beautiful set of 18 tubes Holbein Gouache as a present for my birthday last year, it's a bit pricey but absolutely worth the money. Set has a fantastic selection of all colours, including cold and warm hues of yellow, green, red, blue and also black and white. It's a great set and even though the tubes are smaller than tubes sold individually they last a long time. 

After trying Holbein Gouache in the set I went and stocked up on some colours which I adore and use a lot in my work and which were missing from the set (like baby pink, mint and wilder shades of blue), the tubes are much bigger and last for a while, they are crazy cute too! The best place to buy them from is Jackson's Art (if you are UK based). Holbein offer wonderful selection of colours for all tastes and colour preferences. The quality is exceptional and I would recommend anyone who doubts to give these beauties a go.

Winsor and Newton are great quality gouache paints. And because they are UK brand they are a bit cheaper and easier to get hands on! So I have my favourite colours from Winsor and Newton and from Holbein. They can be combined and the texture is very similar. So mixing and matching is super fun! :)

Gouache is very stick and not that easy to wash out of brushes and I go through a lot of brushes. I keep all of them because when they get all fluffy and naughty they are absolutely amazing for adding texture with dry gouache! I choose the cheapest round brushes (synthetic) similar to these Jacksons Art brushes . But my local Jackson's Art has a corner with cheap (£1/£2 synthetic brushes and I just stock up on them, so I would recommend checking out your local store to find what works for you and maybe they have some brushes on offer).

When I paint with gouache I prefer using hot pressed watercolour paper. My two favourite brands are Bockingford & Fabriano. Both very smooth & velvety, heavy papers with excellent colour representation.

I hope I inspired you to get out those gouache paints and paint or even maybe try gouache for the first time! It's a beautiful type of paint, easy to use, not messy and an absolute joy to paint with!

Are you gouache person? Yay nay? What do you like/not like? Please let me know if you have any Q or share your experience in the comments :) 

Watercolour & Ink Portrai

I've been drawing live portraits at events for over a year now and it took me some time to figure out which materials work best and produce the most striking results in 10-15 minutes, dry super fast, are small and portable. 

Here are my tools for live drawing:

Fabriano Hot Pressed Paper or Cass Art Watercolour Paper

Palomino Pencil

Kuretake Brush Pen or Pentel Brush Pen (both fabulous brush pens)

Carbon Ink (fill in the old cartridges)

carbon ink cartridges (they will fit any brush pen, it did all of mine 

Kuretake Watercolours (set of 36)

Fine Tec Metallic Watercolours

Schminke Burnt Sienna

Raphael Brush

Kuretake Water Brush Pen

And this is how it all looks in action! :)



Art Supplies Love

I often get asked about what kind of art supplies I use. This tends to change, I love trying new things and have a mild (well, quite severe actually) addiction to art materials. 

For the last 3 (maybe even 4, omg!) years I've been using Kuretake Gansai Tambi Watercolours. I have the 36 colour palette, with a beautiful variety of reds, yellows, greens, blues and even some shiny metallics! The paint is very thick and has a lot of pigment. It's a bit more creamy than usual watercolours, so it kind of feels like a mixture between watercolour and gouache.

I use two types of brushes. My absolute favourite brush is Raphael Kolinksy Sable (size 6), it holds a lot of water and allows you to create delicate details or broad washes, it's a beautiful brush so look after it and wash after using (don't use to paint with gouache, only watercolours).

And the second type of brush I use is brush pens! woop woop! When I can't fill in a jar with water or just want to paint from the comfort of my sofa. I've tried many different brands but couldn't really see much difference between them, they all are excellent at what they are supposed to be doing! Set of three pentel water brush pens or try medium size Pentel water brush pen or Caran d'ache brush pen (it has a cute button too :)).

To sketch, add details or achieve beautiful varied lines I always go for Pentel Brush Pens, I always have one with me. :) 

Another thing which I always carry with me is Daler Rowney Ebony hardback A5 size sketchbook. I've been using them for the last 9 years and absolutely love them.

Recently I've been experimenting with gouache more and more. I do love Winsor & Newton but I invested in this beautiful set by Holbein, lovely selection of incredibly bright colours. Really a joy to use! It's worth every penny.

When painting with gouache brushes get ruined super fast, so what I do is pop to my local art store Jacksons' art and find whatever they have on sale (they had absolutely amazing brushes for a £1!!!) :), so I would recommend doing just that. 

Ok, paper!!! Well, I've been using a few different types. Bockingford is one of my favourite papers. Hot pressed paper is super smooth and velvety. Cold Pressed has beautiful texture and a bit of a tooth. Also Fabriano hot pressed paper (and cold pressed :) is an absolute delight to paint on! But if you really want to treat yo self.. get Arches Cold Pressed or Hot Pressed paper, Arches are considered one of the best watercolour papers in the world (the price does reflect that too :)). Cass Art have pretty awesome paper and for a great price too! But if you aren't sure which paper you like and need more go to a store and touuuch it! :) Jacksons Art is an amazing place to pop in, so are Cass Art Stores (Islington branch has better selection than their smaller branches). 

What are your favourite materials? 

Inspiration. Part 1. An Ode to Stationery

Where do you get your inspiration from? AAA! That question makes me want to run away, scream really loud and eat crisps in a corner. That's the initial reaction. But once I start digging deep into my process I kind of enjoy exploring that inspiration and stuff and actually it's quite hard to stop (love over thinking and over analysing, woop woop! ;). 

One thing I always felt inspired by is STATIONERY! Even as a little kid I enjoyed notebooks, paper, pencils and my Dad's technical drawing set (it had several compasses, lots of funky metal things and it was stored in a beautiful velvet case). Choosing a Diary for a new school year was better than Christmas! And of course... drawing paper, sketchbooks, pads, notepads.. ohhh! A lot of my friends in art school said they could draw on a napkin, toilet paper or newspaper. They couldn't care less. And I was envious of their freedom & I felt like a spoiled brat needing beautiful paper and the perfect pencil. I thought I might grow out of it, teach myself to be less of a paper/tool snob. Nope, that didn't happen. But what happened is that I embraced the addiction. And the addiction is now fuelling my inspiration, creativity, work and in the end is bringing me money! 

andsmilestudio illustration, girl in blue jungle

In the beginning of summer I heard from MARK + FOLD, they were kind enough to give me one of their beautiful hand bound sketchbooks to fill with whatever I fancied.  Usually I hoard sketchbooks & notebooks, the more I like them the less likely I am to use it. So this time I was actually forced to start using the sketchbook I liked the most. It felt terrifying and liberating at the same time.

mark + fold and travel kit by andsmile studio


I instantly felt in love with the texture of the cloth/cover. It's very tactile and made me want to pick up the sketchbook more, which led to drawing more, keeping it always in my bag and getting it out as soon as I had a minute or two. 

The paper was quite thin and very smooth. I was a bit worried about how much paint it would be able to take and was pleasantly surprised that despite being quite thin and delicate it could handle all the paint I wanted to layer on it! And I did some thick paint pages there! 

I took the sketchbook to V&A with my sister when she visited, to a cute plant caffe in East London and even ordered a beetroot coffee to match the drawing (purely for a photo), I took it on a mini holiday to Cornwall, I took it to the parks on the picnics with cider and strawberries and spent many weekend mornings playing with paint on the pages of the sketchbook. 


It really inspired me to create work I wouldn't have created and it encouraged me to draw more. That's the point of a great sketchbook, right? I'm a big believer in spending money on something which makes you happy. And beautiful paper and cloth bound sketchbooks is something which is making me happy & inspired! 

andsmilestudio illustration viktorija semjonova girls in pink and blue
andsmilestudio illustration viktorija semjonova girls in pink and blue

Here is the final result of a sketchbook.

They are inviting everyone to share the contents of your sketchbooks & notebooks. And I really love seeing insides of someones notebook, so please do share! :) #pageturnerproject

MARK + FOLD kindly gave me the sketchbook but my review of their sketchbook is my opinion. I am really in love with their beautiful products. :) 

What inspires you?

iPad pro + apple Pencil

I've been using iPad pro + apple pencil since January and hada few people ask me questions about my experience.. so here is a very long answer! :) Hope you find it interesting or useful.

There are a lot of things I absolutely love about iPad pro but I do have to say that I use both my wacom and photoshop + computer and my iPad pro + apple pencil. I use them for slightly different things and they both have pros and cons but today I want to talk about iPad pro! :)

I've been using it since January to draw commissions/portraits & some new designs for prints, business cards and just for fun.

It's PORTABLE! First and very important thing about iPad pro is that you can take it with you everywhere! Comparing it to my wacom cintique with numerous wires, computer, ports, need to be plugged into the socket of course it's a huge benefit and was very important for me to be able to work from my sofa, library or a coffee shop if needed.

Ability to draw directly onto the iPad. Never before I was able to draw directly with a tablet, I would usually start with a paper sketch and then go from there. Maybe it's their amazing screen technology which is so smooth and doesn't feel too glassy, maybe it's the fact that you can put the iPad on your lap or table and turn and tilt as much as you like (the same as you would do with your sketchbook & paper) or everything together. But if feels very nice to use apple pencil on iPad pro. It glides smoothly and very naturally, it imitates the feel of drawing on paper, it's hard to imagine or explain but it's a pleasure to use and it's possible to create a drawing from start to finish on iPad & even sketch!  Apple pencil is a thing of beauty too, perfect lenght and weight, not too thick, just perfect. It feels so good in your hand, muuuuuuch MUCH nicer than any other tablet pen (which are usually rubbery and very thick).

It is possible to finish a drawing/portrait/illustration on iPad pro but all the apps give you an opportunity to export the file in your preferred format (my would be .psd) and you can do any tweaking, prepping files for print or anything else in photoshop (or just back up your files!).

I use Procreate app for iPad. Adobe Draw is also an amazing app (vector drawing app, great fun!) and Adobe Sketch is very very good too! A lot of these apps get frequent updates and get better and better everyday. Both Procreate and Adobe Sketch allow you to use layers, so it gives you room to play and of course export files to photoshop later on.

Procreate have a great selection of brushes, they work perfectly for my style. And people often sell or offer a lot of their own brushes on Procreate forum. As I mentioned before you can export files in any format. Now the app lets you choose your DPI and any size you like. It works really fast too. At the moment you can't import multi layered .psd files but you can import flat images. Also if you save your file as .png with one transparent layer (or flat layer) you can import that too (like if you have a very nice line work, you can scan it in and then work on it in Procreate!) :) One nifty feature is that you can export a video of your work automatically, I'm really in love with this one, Procreate! :) I blogged about it here.

If you are planning to use iPad pro + apple pencil as a replacement for any tablet than you can do it with the help of astropad app. I know a few people are using it that way. However it didn't work for me. I understand I am spoiled and biased with my amazing access to wacom cintique but astropad is not fast enough and does not replace the actual tablet. It doesn't give you the speed the ipad pro gives on it's own or when you use wacom in photoshop. Buuut saying that astropad + ipad pro + apple pencil work for tweaking things in photoshop & doing some basic design work, I did see some amazing illustrators using it that way to draw too (with a bit of lagging but it does work! :). And hopefully things will get better in the future, that would be simply awesome! :)

Wacom tablet + photoshop + Kyle's Brushes is my laptop set up for drawing and it's pretty amazing but iPad Pro + apple pencil + procreate are completely different. Both can be used to draw, just you know.. in different ways! :) My dream set up would be to have some of the amazing Kyle's brushes for iPad pro apps (pro create or any of the adobe apps), hope that will happen some time in the future! ;)  

So to sum it up.. It's portable, pleasure to use, great apps, good fun + if needed files can be exported and finished off in Photoshop. But just imagine the picture, you grab your iPad pro + apple pencil, go to a caffee, grab a seat & a cup of coffee and do some work. Or another scenario, you are tired, it's raining outside and you just walk over to your sofa, snuggle under the blanket and do some commercial work.. cool, huh? I'm a huge fan of iPad pro + apple Pencil and procreate app and it's absolutely worth the investment, AMAZING tools (and not just because you can work from your sofa under a blanket.. promise!)

Here are some things I drew in Procreate app with iPad pro + apple pencil.

Lilac, yellow & green

It's nearly half way of the 100 days project (I chose to paint with gouache everyday). Last week I fell off the vagon and missed 9 (!!!) days. So this week the aim was to catch up! To be honest I really enjoy drawing in mini series, rather than one piece, so was really excited to have a mini marathon of gouache painting.

I saw beautiful lemon yellow, gentle lilac and dark forest green scaffolding in North London and really wanted to play around with the colours. 

Here are the results! :) Portraits of 6 girls.


100 Days project tools

Today is 2nd of May and Day 14 of 100 days project organised by Elle Luna

My aim is to draw everyday for the next 100 (well, 86 now) days using gouache. I mainly work digitally and sometimes other things take over so I have no time for sketching or random experimentation. So the main reason to join the project was to paint each day & let go, just enjoy the process. My sketchbook is filled with doodles I wanted to play around with and colour combinations I don't normally use so everyday I just picked one doodle I wanted to explore and went with it (will blog about it later in the week ;).

I fell back in love recently with gouache so it had to be my choice for the 100 days project.  And here are the paper & paints I absolutely loved using last couple of weeks.

Fabriano Hot Pressed Water Colour Paper

Cass Art Cold Pressed Water Colour Paper

Winsor & Newton Designer Gouache Opaque

Cadmium Yellow, Cobalt Turquoise Light, Cobalt Blue, Zinc White, Permanent Green Light

Holbein Gouache

Pink, Opera, Leaf Green, Turquoise Green

Holbein Gouache Set

Pro Arte White Nylon Brushes

and here is what I drew with all the beautiful gouache & lovely paper ;)

and here is what I drew with all the beautiful gouache & lovely paper ;)

You can follow the project on my instagram or find all up to date drawings here

Please let me know if you would like to know more about the tools in the comments. Or maybe share your 100 day project or art supplies you are using, I would love to see it! :)


Travelling kit

I absolutely love drawing & painting in coffee shops, museums & other public spaces but at the same time I'm suuuuper conscious of that! I would do anything to avoid attracting attention to my sketching on location, so my travel set up had to be super small, quick & quiet.

And I think I found a perfect combo. Here it is!

Paint set by Winsor & Newton from Cass Art.

I replaced some of the colours with my favourite Holbein gouache from Jackson's Art (it comes in tubes but I squeezed some out, made sure it dried and use as watercolour when on location, just add lots of water and it's good to go!) and some watercolours from other sets. When looking for a good travel case it's quite hard to find a cheap case, so it was actually cheaper to buy a set and then replace any colours if needed but if you are starting out this set is super good! :) It comes with a portable tiny brush which I rarely use but I keep it inside in case of emergency.

Water barrel + super tiny brush pen by Kuretake

Absolutely in love with this little duo! I have the tiny water barrel always filled with water and the brush is stored with bristles inside! So it takes no space and it's super quick to fill it with water from the barrel & whip up a little painting. There are a lot of wonderful brush pens on the market if you are not into tiny cute barrel with a tiny cute ninja brush pen. :) Like this set at Cass Art or search your local art store for a brush pen, majority will have a great selection in store. :)

Palomino Blackwing Pearl Pencil

It's my absolute favourite pencil. I buy them by the box here not pictured here but I carry around this wonderful pencil sharpener (I love my pencils sharpened & quite long, so it's absolutely perfect).

Kuretake No.40 Brush pen with waterproof ink.

I love watercolour & adding colour do my doodles, so having a brushpen with waterproof ink just made my life so much better! :) I blogged about the whole setup here.  However if you are not into watercolours or colouring your drawings or you add lines after colour this brush pen with original inks is a thing of dreams, absolutely wonderful!

Tiny blob eraser is my favourite from MUJI.

Daler Rowney Ebony Sketchbook

Is my all time favourite sketchbook. The paper is heavyweight and can handle a lot of paint & water, colour of the paper is really lovely too, it's not too white without being too yellow. Perfect for pencil drawing, sketching & for adding some paint too. Comes in different shapes & sizes. My favourite are A6, A5 and A4 portrait sketchbooks. Because they are hardback it's easy to draw on the go & the cover does a great job at protecting the inside of the sketchbook.

Here is a little drawing done while drinking a lot of coffee ;) With all my favourite tools!

So as to drawing all is good.. but to be super fast & to attract as little attention as possible when drawing on location everything must be stored in efficient way & be easily accessible without getting everything out of the bag & fishing for an eraser or something. Or maybe it's just an excuse to buy more pretty stationery & cute storage solutions.. ;)

Yellow pencil case from Present & Correct.

It's plastic and easy to clean. I carry pencil sharpener, eraser, pencils & pens in it.

Mint Hightide (nahe) wide plastic case

It's perfect for keeping & carrying around paints, brushes & that tiny cute water barrel. So I know all my painting supplies are in one place and I usually get everything dirty with paint and it helps to prevent even more mess. :) And overall I'm a huge fan of Hightide stationery products, the widest range can be found here

Thank you for reading, I hope this blogpost will help you to find your perfect travel set up & encourage to take your creativity outside! :)

An Ode to Gouache

When I went to an art school as a little girl we used to paint with gouache a lot. But the kind of gouache my Mum bought me & the kind we needed to use was not the kind which made eyes happy.

Each colour had a hint of brown. We painted mainly still life and everything wasa little brownish, bottle greenish, redish, old teapotish, creamish, sad*ish. Don't get me wrong. It was such an amazing education but I lusted for crazy colours & freedom (not still life, greek heads or cylinders), for ready made paints, for no need to mix the pink (because we all know that no matter how hard we try no opera pink will be born from red/yellow or blue).

My work is mainly digital now but using paint inspires me so much.

There is nothing more satisfying than squeezing out that wild lime green paint or opera pink or the happiest of yellows, dipping your brush in and using it and painting, without mixing, just like that, out of the tube! And it makes me feel liberated, it makes me feel like a wild wild rebel!!! And I'm doing it for that little girl in me who still doesn't want brownish, still no greek head drawing but FUN & COLOUR & PATTERN!!!


The paints I used are Holbein gouache & they make my eyes & heart so happy! :)

Video Drawing

Hello lovely people,

Thank you so much for stopping by ;) 

In the last couple of months I posted a few video drawing/processes of my work (both digital and watercolour) on instagram and some of you asked how I am making them. So here it goes!

To explain how I'm making the digital videos I have to say that couple of months ago I decided to invest in iPad pro + apple pencil (will blog about that next time), I really enjoyed using both and my favourite app to draw with is ProCreate app. Not only it's super easy to use, has a fab selection of brushes and works perfect for my style it has one really fun feature! It can record videos automatically as you draw. So you just export the video and voilà! If you are drawing in Photoshop that's possible too, just google it (no, seriously, lots of super useful info). ;)

To edit videos I used iPhone and Slow Fast app.

Here are some of my ProCreate videos.

andsmile video filming set up

Funnily enough even before getting addicted to digital video drawings I did a few real life/watercolour drawings. With a weird tripod + blue tack + iPhone structure. It wasn't as fast or easy but really fun!

Here is a snapshot of my first set up. Well, second, the very first one was even more DIY, I took all my shelves/storage, put it on the table to create two towers, found two long strips of plywood. I put plywood as little railways on the shelves and placed iPhone strategically in between of the little plywood "rails". So if you don't have a tripod and don't want to invest into one, you can do a DIY tower (mind you it might take you a long time to put it together and take it down ;).

Neither tower building or fiddling with a half broken iPhone on a blue tack with a super heavy tripod on my table I decided to find a better solution. After some research I found this tripod for £7.49 to use to film videos with the phone. And it's been a dream to use. It's super easy to attach to any surface (wall/shelf/table/chair) & it's very flexible so you can get any angle you like with your phone.

To film the drawing process I used my iPhone and Hyperlapse App and to edit I mainly used Slow Fast Slow App & Rotate & Flip (because I was silly like that and didn't check if I was filming landscape/portrait and ugh.. long story!!! :)).  And then some video filters on instagram to make them look nicer (some of them were filmed in poor light, daylight works best of course! ;).

And here are the results! Making little videos is super fun and I hope you'll give it a go. All you need is a camera phone! ;)