Watercolour Portrait Painting Workshop

Around a month ago I taught first Watercolour Painting Workshop. I've done other types before but never with watercolours.

I chose to teach with Kuretake watercolour set because it's my favourite set of watercolours and I truly believe they are one of the best on the market. Selection of 36 beautiful colours, all vibrant and really beautiful pigments. What I loooove love LOVE about this set is that they have an amazing selection of reds, yellows, greens, blues but also some really shiny metallics, YUM! 

The workshop was held in a beautiful photography studio, with one wall of windows so there is A LOT OF LIGHT and it is such a joy to be painting in such a beautiful and light space. It makes all the difference, especially this time of the year, when it's so dark outside and not enough natural light to paint.

It was an absolute pleasure to teach the workshop to a such fantastic bunch of people and to see how people approached the same subjects, used the same materials and the way everyone worked.

It was an interesting mixture of complete beginners, professional illustrators and designers and people who paint for joy. 

The results were sooooo different! There were all sorts of techniques and approaches and a lot of beautiful colours & patterns and I really loved everyones work. 

Next workshop is on the 3rd of December in the same studio full of light. We'll be using Kuretake Watercolours, brush pens, cold pressed water colour paper. For more information and to purchase the ticket, click here.

I would love to meet you and paint with you! 


This July I taught a fun (even if I say so myself) portrait drawing workshop at We Built This City at Carnaby St, London. 

I love drawing people. I am curious about how we are all different and wonderful at the same time, about what makes us special, what we think about a person without really knowing them and how  that perception changes once you get acquainted. 

I've been drawing people I think always, we all tend to go into head/shoulders phase and I really love doing that, so no surprise I started taking commissions for portraits. I'm not sure how many exactly I drew over the last three years but I would say A LOT. 

My process always starts with looking and finding out how that person makes me feel, how they look like to me and how can I translate that very special thing about them into my style. I think a lot about that (sometimes without even noticing) and I think I accumulated quite a lot of things I wanted to share with people and decided to do a workshop.

It was such a pleasure when the workshop of 12 spaces sold out within 3 days, I was sooo excited to meet everyone & have some fun while drawing people! 

We did some black & white head/shoulder portraits with a tiny spot of colour. It was absolutely amazing to meet all the people and see them create absolutely aweeeesome portraits!!! They were all so good at it! And I truly hope everyone enjoyed their time, they were such curious and talented students. :)

Here are some tools we used on the day & I can't recommend them enough.

Brush Pen (if you don't want to splash on the more expensive one, try this one, it's fun & awesome to use!)

Brush Pen (if you are ready to spend a bit more money, this brush pen is absolutely amazing!)


Or a lovely sketchbook

for some colour:

Pigment Markers (which we used at the workshop, yay!) 

or some watercolour

I hope it was the first workshop of many more to come. I'm busy organising & finding venues for more portrait drawing workshops. Would you want to attend one? Or maybe you would like to suggest not a portrait drawing but other type of workshop you'd like to attend? 

Please let me know in the comments or

to be the first one to hear about upcoming events & workshops! :)