Inspiration: New Materials

What inspires you? It's such a hard question! And sometimes I am justifying buying new art supplies and art materials by saying that they will inspire me to create something new and different. And it is true! Trying new materials (or starting a new sketchbook) is fun and makes you think differently and be more playful with the process.

I love using gouache in my work (I wrote a long post about it) and Holbein gouache is one of my favourites to use. They manufacture two types: traditional gouache and acryla gouache.  And before last week you could only buy the traditional one only at Jackson's Art. And acryla gouache was available from sellers in Japan and as of last week you can buy it in the UK! From Jackson's Art.  I was so so curious about acryla gouache for a long time and so happy it's finally available in the UK!

So what are the differences? The main difference is that traditional gouache can be reworked once wet, which means if you have gouache which dried on your palette, adding a little bit of water will re activate it. And that you can work with it on the actual painting, like blending colours together. When acryla gouache dries and can not be re activated. Which gives it a beautiful matt finish, opaque coverage and beautiful colours. Both qualities have pluses and minuses while working and it really depends how you prefer to work. But both are equally fun to use. Oh, and you can use them together of course!

I bought 5 colours (all very cool tones). I decided to go for very bright pastel colours which are hard to mix and some dark green and magenta.


I played around a bit doodling and here are the things I loved and which are quite different from gouache. It dries pretty fast on paper, when just a bit of water is added it looks very matt and even once dry. As acrylic paint it can be applied in thick layers which adds more texture (gouache can be too but a little bit less) and a painterly feel to the painting. It is very opaque and light colours completely cover the dark colours. They mix well into beautiful shades and have so much pigment in them. Colours are very clear and bright, absolutely beautiful. Because colours dry very fast it means going over in 2-3 minutes is not  a problem (if you don't like smudging). They are very fun to use and come in super cute plastic tubes. 

gouache illustration by andsmilestudio viktorija

I will not swich from gouache to acryla gouache but so excited to encorporate acryla gouache to my paintings and illustrations. Especially for flat chalky backgrounds and vibrant details.

Have you tried gouache or acryla gouache? What are your thoughts?