Video Drawing

Hello lovely people,

Thank you so much for stopping by ;) 

In the last couple of months I posted a few video drawing/processes of my work (both digital and watercolour) on instagram and some of you asked how I am making them. So here it goes!

To explain how I'm making the digital videos I have to say that couple of months ago I decided to invest in iPad pro + apple pencil (will blog about that next time), I really enjoyed using both and my favourite app to draw with is ProCreate app. Not only it's super easy to use, has a fab selection of brushes and works perfect for my style it has one really fun feature! It can record videos automatically as you draw. So you just export the video and voilà! If you are drawing in Photoshop that's possible too, just google it (no, seriously, lots of super useful info). ;)

To edit videos I used iPhone and Slow Fast app.

Here are some of my ProCreate videos.

andsmile video filming set up

Funnily enough even before getting addicted to digital video drawings I did a few real life/watercolour drawings. With a weird tripod + blue tack + iPhone structure. It wasn't as fast or easy but really fun!

Here is a snapshot of my first set up. Well, second, the very first one was even more DIY, I took all my shelves/storage, put it on the table to create two towers, found two long strips of plywood. I put plywood as little railways on the shelves and placed iPhone strategically in between of the little plywood "rails". So if you don't have a tripod and don't want to invest into one, you can do a DIY tower (mind you it might take you a long time to put it together and take it down ;).

Neither tower building or fiddling with a half broken iPhone on a blue tack with a super heavy tripod on my table I decided to find a better solution. After some research I found this tripod for £7.49 to use to film videos with the phone. And it's been a dream to use. It's super easy to attach to any surface (wall/shelf/table/chair) & it's very flexible so you can get any angle you like with your phone.

To film the drawing process I used my iPhone and Hyperlapse App and to edit I mainly used Slow Fast Slow App & Rotate & Flip (because I was silly like that and didn't check if I was filming landscape/portrait and ugh.. long story!!! :)).  And then some video filters on instagram to make them look nicer (some of them were filmed in poor light, daylight works best of course! ;).

And here are the results! Making little videos is super fun and I hope you'll give it a go. All you need is a camera phone! ;)

DIY - Mint Hair Don't Care!

Hello lovelies,

Do you have some free time on your hands (maybe this long weekend?) and an urge to make something? How about cute embroidered tote? 

I made this mint haired lady in around 4 days (on and off) and I used:

1 blank tote

3-4 mint threads (or any colour if you like, I used three strands and tried not to waste thread on the back too much ;))

1 (tiny bit) of black and pink thread

1 blue thread

1 embroidery hoop

a bit of gold thread for little stars around (optional ;)

Imaginary Mint Haired girl as inspiration! :)


If you would like to give it a go yourself then save the image below & print out this black and white lady (A4 size), put it under your fabric and trace - then embroider! :) If you plan to embroider on a smaller scale when printing the girl use printer preview and scale the image (try 60% instead of 100% for a smaller version).

embroidery diy by andsmile

I would love to see what you will come up with, let me know if you decide to use this template for your crafty project, use #andsmilestudioDIY or let me know on any social media//blog comment what you do you think! :) <3

Have an awesome weekend!